Friday, February 26, 2010

Google Latitude can Go Wrong !

Yesterday, I was coming back from a business trip in France. During the travel back, the Thalys train shuttling me from Paris to Brussels suddenly came to a total stop. I wanted to know where we were so that I could estimate the remaining distance.

I looked at my Blackberry and could already see from the telecom operator name that we were in Belgium already. I then decided to use the Google Latitude application to get more information. Here is what I got:

And I got the address as well, confirming that Google really located me north of Vilvoorde and that it was not just a display error:
Where you know the Thalys, you know that you arrive to Brussels from the south and so you cannot be on the north. A few minutes later, I had the confirmation that we were well in the south as we crossed the Halle (Buizingen) train station. As you can see from the Google map below, there is quite around 40km between my reported position (B), and my actual position (A).

Moreover when refreshing my position, I noticed that while the train was driving north toward Brussels, my position was moving from north to south, also toward Brussels.

Who said that Google is always right ?
There is always one more bug I would say.