Saturday, May 29, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): On the Road to Salvation ?

Recent reviews of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 report that Microsoft is definitively making a step in the right direction. Instead of diverting attention with new (useless ?) features, IE9 concentrates on the core business of a browser: the surf experience.

Several sources such as, TechWorld or PC Pro all stress the promising progresses made by Microsoft with IE9 into two main directions: speed and standards.

Regarding speed, it seems that IE will finally compete with the others and stop lagging behind. This is already good news but the best piece of news comes with the compliance to standards such as HTML5 and CSS 3. (Even if the test version does not support all tags yet)

For the first time since a while, I am really curious to see the release of that particular browser version.