Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to include SharePoint Document Version in your File ?

Since I started using SharePoint (MOSS & WSS), I wondered how I could include the version number provider by a SharePoint document library into the document itself, to ensure some cohesion help people to easily identify the latest version, particularly in the case of printed documents.

I discovered the following easy tip, which works for SharePoint 2007 and Office 2007.

  • In your documents list, go to Settings then Information management policy settings.

  • Under Specify a policy, select Define a policy and click OK.

  • In the labels section, enable labels and in the format field, enter something like: Version: {Version}.

  • Click ok.

Now go back to any of the documents of that library. Open it and edit it then go to insert, quick parts, document property and select Labels. Save your document, close it, then reopen it (in read only) and voilĂ , the SharePoint version will be included. For example, it will look like: Version: 1.4.

Note that it only works for Office 2007 documents (docx format for example) and MOSS.


Anonymous said...

Hi good post, but to do this, do you want to have MOSS installed? because under settings i don't have "Information management policy settings". Thanks Hope i hear from you.


Jehan said...


Indeed, it is for MOSS, not for WSS. I will edit my article to make it crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Is there any similar way to make it in wss? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a list of the fields that can be called?