Monday, December 22, 2008

WoW Connect - Good Casual Game

I consider a good casual game any game where I can play for only a few minutes without any time constraint and that I enjoy playing again a day or two after; and this for a few weeks.

WoW Connect (based on a World of Warcraft theme) is a typical casual game I really enjoy. Besides, it is good for your memory and observation mind.


Elmo Freesky said...

I totally agree with you that a game shouldn't let you stick on a time time constraint. When this happens, this is what they refer as being addicted.

I already suffered such situation and I'm still fighting myself out of it. Anyway, since more game are created and released. I finally found the perfect game that are suitable to play which is just like what you have said. "To play it again after a or two".

Kenta said...

World Of WarCraft is a daring game to be played. People will be addicted to it.