Monday, December 29, 2008

Color Bulles Solitaire - Another Cool Casual Game

Color Bulles Solitaire is another casual games that I particularly enjoy. It is simple, challenging, yet fun and not totally repetitive. Its main disadvantage comes from the difficulty at some upper levels. Indeed, starting with level 7, it becomes extremely difficult to win and most of your success (or failure) will depend solely on chance and on the order in which you receives the balls.

I'm also not too happy with the scoring system. Why having to deal with a score when the real purpose is to pass through levels ?


Ranma said...

Hey, less playing and more programming eh

Elmo Freesky said...

You said that the score is of no importance from the game since what's needed is to pass through each level of the game. Maybe they shouldn't placed a scoring system in the first place Lol!.