Friday, January 2, 2009

Microsoft Zune Dies on New Year

Many Microsoft Zune music players went out of use during the New Year's night. It has been observed that these MP3 players were programmed to work for 365 days in 2008 instead of 366 as 2008 is a leap year. 2008 was a day too long for Zune. Complaints have been flooding on every Zune user's forums.

According to Microsoft, a bug linked to the date system is the root cause. The internal clock driver did not take into account the 2008 leap year and based itself on a normal 365-day long year. Still according to Microsoft, these start-up problems only concern the 30 Go Zune version launched during 2006.

Similar errors are more frequently observed during year changes. The most famous date-related software bug was of course the Y2K Bug which generated a lot of fear for very few damages.

Microsoft pointed that the Zune problem should disappear by itself. In order to fix the problem, Zune users have simply to completely discharge their Zune players before charging it again; a simple cold start for new year in fact.

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